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Learning From The Past With An Employee Attitude Survey

Incorporating past employee attitude survey results into current findings is one of the best ways to learn about your company’s performance


This is an important factor to consider when conducting an employee attitude survey.

To determine whether or not your company is making progress with employee engagement, it is imperative that survey questions remain consistent from year to year. Without consistency, an employee attitude survey cannot accurately measure employee satisfaction levels over the long term.

If your company has worked with different survey providers in the past, consistency can be difficult to achieve – different survey companies ask different questions. This can be incredibly frustrating considering that the major purpose of employee surveys is to track changes in engagement over time. If survey questions are different each year, it is nearly impossible to track any improvements or shortcomings.

Flex Surveys offers a service that will not only solve the problem of inconsistent survey questions, but will also ensure that your next employee attitude survey will be optimized to give results tailored to the needs of your organization.

Flex Surveys’ Full Survey Flexibility and Data Importing Services

 For all of our new clients, we can import previous results from data files, or data entry your last survey to include it in our reporting. We’ll also review your questionnaire to make sure that it includes all the necessary components that drive employee engagement while remaining consistent with past surveys. If you’d like we can e work with you to design the best possible employee attitude survey for your organization. We’re flexible, so we operate according to what works best for you.

Here are a number of key advantages of working with Flex Surveys to incorporate past employee attitude survey results into your future reports:

    • Find out what changes you need to make

Incorporating results of previous surveys into current reports keeps the information fresh in your mind so you can better determine what workplace changes need to occur to boost employee engagement. For instance, perhaps you’ve forgotten what departments scored the lowest in various categories last year. By having last year’s results and this year’s results right in front of you, you can easily make a comparison.

    • Find out if the changes you’ve made are working

 Using past survey results means that you can make direct comparisons between different surveys from different years. This is an excellent way to determine whether action plans implemented based on previous employee attitude survey results improved employee engagement.

    • Develop an action plan for the future

 Comparisons between employee attitude surveys are one of the best resources for establishing a framework for future action plans. For example, if you see a dramatic increase in employee engagement after the implementation of a new plan, you’ll know to continue with that course of action. However, if you find lower levels of engagement or no improvement after an adjustment, you’ll know that a different approach may be needed to change employee attitudes.

Using past employee attitude survey results in future analyses provides valuable insight into an organization’s employee engagement levels. As long as questions stay consistent from year to year, and we can certainly help with that!, there is absolutely no reason to not make use of past employee attitude survey results.

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