How We Create Your Employee Satisfaction Survey Templates

We want to make sure that our clients get employee satisfaction survey results that are relevant so they can create an effective action plan and improve their business; this is why we encourage our clients to customize their employee satisfaction survey templates to reflect their own unique work environment.

Here’s how we create customized employee satisfaction survey templates for our clients:

High Industry Standards

Because of our experience and expertise in the field, we create questions for your survey and employee satisfaction survey templates based on industry standards to ensure that you get the very best results and informative reports.

The Questions

At Flex Surveys, we can work with an employee satisfaction survey template you already have or we can create one for you. Either way, we will meet with you to review the questions to make sure that they hit the main topics you’ve chosen so you get relevant results.

We also use internal and external benchmarking. By reviewing the questions you’ve use in previous surveys, we can see how your results fare from previous years to get an understanding of how you’ve improved and where you need to go. We also ensure that your employee satisfaction survey contains the necessary questions to compare and contrast your organization to others in your industry through external benchmarking.

Flex Surveys’ Templates

We have three different types of employee satisfaction survey templates that we work from to better suit the needs of our clients:

Flex 15

This short employee satisfaction survey is intended for smaller companies or companies that have a fast-paced environment and not a lot of time for an extensive questionnaire. The Flex 15 employee satisfaction survey templates have mobile access to be completed in as little as 5 minutes.

Participation rates can be higher with this survey because it can be completed so quickly. The results provide a quick, high-level overview of your company and hits the main areas of your organization. Because of the shortness of it, it only requires key questions that provide a lot of benchmarking options. Focus groups or meeting follow up may be required if you’d like more in-depth responses.

Flex 50

Of all of our employee satisfaction survey templates, Flex 50 is the most popular choice because it hits all the main points of an employee satisfaction survey and can be completed in only 10 to 15 minutes. We can also tailor this survey for any company of any size.

Our Flex 50 employee satisfaction survey templates have 40 to 60 questions that are fully customizable. The high level of detail possible with this employee engagement survey provides insight into the key drivers in employee engagement and satisfaction, so you can easily create an action plan. Like the Flex 15, our Flex 50 employee satisfaction survey can be conducted on smartphones and tablets to increase your participation rate.

Flex 100

The Flex 100 is our longest employee satisfaction survey as it can take over 20 minutes for participants to complete. But for that length, this employee satisfaction survey provides the most depth, and a high level of detail that you can use to create a comprehensive report for your corporation departments because it can cover multiple groups.

These employee satisfaction survey templates are best suited to very large corporations where high-level management doesn’t have direct or face-to-face engagement, and for companies that have multiple locations, departments and span over different industries. Because this survey needs to be monitored, you may see lower participation rates. However, the amount of data you receive will be detailed and valuable no matter your participation rate.

To start on your own employee satisfaction survey, contact us so we can work with you to create employee satisfaction survey templates that are perfect for you and your organization.

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