How Can An Employee Climate Surveys Benefit You?

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How they work, what doesn’t work, and how an employee climate survey can help your business succeed.

While many business owners think they know their organizations inside and out, finding out how it is perceived from the inside is critically important to its success. This is what employee climate surveys are designed to do. When designed and conducted properly, an employee climate survey can give business owners and human resources departments an important glimpse into how employees view the organization, from the ground floor, up. To reap the multiple benefits from an employee climate survey, you need to understand how it works.

How Employee Climate Surveys Work:

When considering using an employee climate survey in your organization, it is important to know the appropriate steps to take.

1.     Decide what you want the survey to reveal.

Determining the goals and objectives of your employee climate survey is a crucial first step. Whether you are interested in how your employees view their work environment as a whole, or more specific topics such as raise structures and benefits, it is important to set a basis for the questions that will be asked.

2.     Design the survey.
Designing your employee climate survey is almost as important as developing the questions themselves. Decide on a rating scale, such as a numerical system (i.e., ranking from 1-10) or the use of statements (i.e, strongly agree-strongly disagree, satisfied-dissatisfied, etc.) for employees to use when filling out the questionnaire.
TIP: Don’t be too specific. While it is important to give options, keeping your system simple is crucial so as not to confuse employees or leave too much room for error when compiling results.

3.     Develop the questionnaire.
Employee climate surveys usually consist of anywhere between 50 and 100 questions ranging from multiple choice, short answer, and fill in the blank responses. Each question should be worded as simple and straightforward as possible to allow for the best results. It is important to keep your goals and objectives in mind when formulating your questions. Review and test the questionnaire with an unbiased source to ensure the questions are worded properly and are easy to understand.

4.     Conduct and compile your survey.
Give your employees ample time to complete the questionnaire thoroughly without feeling rushed. This is important in order to collect the best results. Once each employee has finished the survey, it is important to develop a procedure to compile the results.

TIP: Don’t single anyone out. Develop a confidentiality statement to go along with the employee climate survey. Providing this statement is critical to ensure that employees will feel comfortable sharing truthful feedback. Here are some helpful tips to avoid when conducting an employee climate survey.

5.     Analyze and distribute your results.

Analyzing the data from your employee climate survey is a painstaking process that should not be taken lightly. The feedback gathered from the survey will shed light on areas of both strengths and weaknesses within the organization, as well as any crucial issues that need to be acted upon.

It is important to share the results of the employee climate survey with your employees. This will show them that their feedback is valuable and they are being listened to.

How does an employee climate survey benefit you?


When conducted correctly, employee climate surveys provide a direct way of discovering the opinions of employees that would likely otherwise be overlooked and unreported. By determining the way employees view their organization, business owners can take immediate action to ensure identified issues are resolved and areas of weakness are improved, as necessary.

Employee climate surveys are also a great way to make employees feel that they are integral to improving business practices. This also boosts morale which ultimately positively impacts productivity in the workplace.

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