Employee Engagement Survey-Company Work Environment Questions

Company Work Environment Questions: Employee Engagement Survey Section

Company work environment questions are integral in an employee engagement survey. They gain important insights about your company work environment.

A company work environment forms how employees become involved in the workplace. This includes relationship with management, organizational culture, and potential for advancement. The best employee engagement survey should contain company work environment questions to determine how to create the most positive environment. A positive work environment sustains positive employee perspectives about their work, therefore increasing motivation and higher productivity over the long term.

There are many factors that influence company work environment questions in an employee engagement survey. Things like open communication, work-life balance, training, and recognition all contribute to how employees experience their work environment, and affect the quality of work itself. In a negative work environment, employees will feel isolated, ignored, or uninvolved in the day-to-day processes of the company. They will feel disengaged while motivation, productivity, and work quality decrease.

For these reasons, it’s essential to have a section in an employee engagement survey dedicated to company work environment questions. Without this section, companies will never fully understand how their employees truly feel about their work environment. It’s always in the best interest of companies to understand every aspect of employee engagement—including work environments—so they can create effective action plans that improve customer service, lower turnover rates, and attract talented employees.

Flex Surveys dives deep into every segment of an employee engagement survey to give companies detailed information to make appropriate changes. Our survey templates are designed by employee engagement experts to include company work environment questions that cover the logistics of how your organization operates. Combined with questions about material and resource availability, our company work environment questions gauge and measure how employees relate to their surroundings. Companies can use the in-depth data from this section to make fine touches to their work environment to improve employee attitude, satisfaction, and engagement.

We do this with our Full 100 Survey designed for medium to large companies who operate with multiple employee departments. For example, we ask employees these key questions, among others, in our Full 100 employee engagement survey:

    1. I am proud to work at ABC COMPANY. – Indicates an employee’s overall attitude toward your company’s corporate culture.
    1. I believe ABC COMPANY management will communicate the findings of the survey. – Indicates an employee’s view toward management including how they personally relate and communicate to their workforce.

Company work environment questions like the ones above can be used as is. They can also be fully customized for a specific employee engagement survey. Depending on your company’s size, number of employees, and groups, Flex Surveys will work with you to change any or all aspects of the questions. These changes may include the wording, the scale (agreement, numbers), and scripting. We always emphasize the importance of delivering an employee engagement survey that reflects your specific situation and your employees. Whether your company operates in multiple industries, in a small office, or across various geographical locations, our employee engagement survey experts can design a survey to meet your needs.

Company work environment is one of the most necessary sections of an employee engagement survey. Together with personal work environment and social work environment, company work environment questions need to be asked of your employees to unlock the full benefits of your survey.

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