Can You Customize Employee Satisfaction Survey Templates?

Can You Customize Employee Satisfaction Survey Templates?

Whether you’re new to the survey game or conducting an employee satisfaction survey for the first time, it’s important that your employee satisfaction survey templates include the right questions, so you can get the answers you’re looking for.

At Flex Surveys, we understand that no two companies are the same. That’s why our policy is to work with you, whether you have your own questions to use or your own employee satisfaction survey templates. You know your company better than anyone else; this is why we have full flexibility when it comes to our surveys, so you can custom tailor your survey to your needs.

Tailor Your Template

Our employee satisfaction survey templates are fully customizable, so you can address the areas you want and get the results you need. Some survey companies may not be as accommodating, insist on using their own template, and charge extra for any changes that you’d like to make.

At Flex Surveys, we understand that you know your company inside out, so you’re going to know the questions to ask to get what you need out of an employee satisfaction survey.

Use Your Own Survey

We always want to make sure that your input and ideas are used when we create your employee satisfaction survey templates. If you’ve already conducted a survey on your own or through another company, we are willing to work with a template that you already have, and customize it to meet your new requirements.


At Flex Surveys, we’ll use our expertise in the field to make sure that your employee satisfaction survey templates are in line with industry standards. Together, we review the questions you’ve already asked to make sure that we’re covering all the important areas you want to address, and that your employee satisfaction survey templates hit all the main topics that need to be covered to ensure a successful survey.

 Internal Benchmarks

Flex Surveys is not opposed to using past employee satisfaction survey templates because it allows us to maintain historical records, stats, and trends that we use to help you develop internal benchmarks for your company. By using as many past questions as possible, we can highlight in our reports how far you’ve come regarding certain topics, or what other steps you need to take to reach your goals.

External Benchmarks

By using our employee satisfaction survey templates for your survey, you’re also opening yourself up to see where you stand in your industry. Our external benchmarking system uses key questions in your employee satisfaction survey to give you results that show where you stand with your competitors, where you’re exceeding, and can also inform where you need to improve, so you won’t lose your employees to a rival.

At Flex Surveys, we have three different employee satisfaction survey templates: Flex 15, Flex 50 and Flex 100. You can click on the links to compare them to your own templates or that of our competitors to see how we do things differently.

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