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we will handle all of the intricate & time consuming aspects of your engagement survey
so that you can focus your attention on reviewing the results & implementing an action plan

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Employee Engagement Survey Company

expert employee engagement surveys.

goodbye consultants, hello insights.

our clients rave about how refreshingly simple and intuitive our employee engagement survey process is.

we will help you design a survey to meet your specific needs, we will build the survey and collect
the data, and then we will provide detailed reporting. your management team understands your
employees best and they will review the results and develop the strategies and action plans
to improve your work environment. view our packages and pricing options.

insourced surveys

benefit from the advantages of
a professional survey platform and
the knowledge and management
buy-in that can only come from
an in-house analysis.

we handle the details

our specialists handle every step of
the process; we design, we build,
we invite staff, we collect the data
and we create the reports.
you analyze & create an action plan.

fits all companies

we have 3 levels of service to
satisfy the needs of any company
or environment; whether a small
start-up of 10 or an international
workforce of 10,000.

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what sets us apart..

  • you control the process from start to finish
    customize the entire process to suit the individual needs of your organization
  • access to a dedicated survey consultant
    correspond directly via phone or email at any point during the process
  • ability to customize our base survey to your needs
    tailored to your exact specifications or build up from our proven model
  • robust reporting framework
    our reporting decks were created to provide clear and meaningful results
  • option to import results from previous surveys
    build off previous studies by including the past results within our reporting

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Flex Employee Engagement Survey Comapny

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Employee Attitude Surveys Fresh Approach

a fresh approach to
employee engagement surveys

start understanding & engaging your employees today!

the office environment has changed, and so must your thinking. more than ever before, the average workforce is now made up of employees from a wide variety of geographies, backgrounds, skill-sets, and even generations. and each of these different demographic groups has their own unique set of wants, needs, norms & goals that drive, inspire and engage them.

organizational success in this new landscape requires new thinking, new approaches and new methods to identify opportunities for improving employee engagement, satisfaction, motivation, morale & productivity. the old standard of employee engagement surveys (aka employee attitude surveys, employee attitude survey or employee climate surveys) are no longer able to meet the diverse needs of today’s global workplace environments.

that’s why Flex Surveys is a new kind of survey company;

  • blending the insight and foresight of an HR consultancy,
  • the tactical thinking of a strategy firm, and
  • the savviness of an online web development company

at Flex Surveys, we designed our services to help clients ‘insource’ employee attitude surveys, thereby providing the advantages of using a leading edge survey & reporting platform, while benefiting from the insights and buy-in that can only take place when conducting a survey internally.

our mission is to inspire and motivate, one employee and one company at a time

following through on this mission has led us to create an engagement survey that…

  • is affordable, straightforward and easy to implement
  • is flexible enough to adapt to the individual needs of any and all companies
  • provides everything that is required to gauge employee satisfaction levels
Employee Attitude Survey Insights

gain insights into the wants
and needs of your employees

our employee satisfaction surveys and benchmark reports
are geared towards providing clear and actionable data!

employee engagement surveys open the lines of communication with staff and help identify any issues that are leading to unsatisfied or unengaged employees.

  • increased employee satisfaction
    perhaps the reason that employee engagement & employee satisfaction are so often confused and used interchangeably is that they have an extremely high correlation with one another.
  • increased productivity (decreased employee absenteeism)
    simply put, happier and more engaged employees remain at their jobs for longer periods of time.
  • increased innovation
    engaged employees are committed to their organization and are much more likely to contribute with ideas and feedback to better improve both the quality of products & overall customer service.
  • better customer satisfaction
    customers receive a much better experience from a happy, constant & well trained workforce.
  • higher operating income, net income & earnings per share
    the many benefits of employee engagement surveys add up to provide companies with a tremendous boost in their overall organizational heath and their bottom line.
Ideal Employee Engagement Survey Company

the ideal employee engagement survey

our clients rave about the simplicity of our engagement survey process, and how insightful our reporting is

Alex Obrien

“Our account representatives were very professional, knowledgeable, and made the transition to the new system as smooth as possible.I would definitely recommend Flex Surveys to other companies looking to conduct surveys.”

Alex O’BrienHR Specialist - Reliance Home Comfort
Ben Valiquette

“The value of the insights in the reporting provided by Flex Surveys has been immeasurable.
They provide a first-rate product that surpassed all of our expectations. I would recommend them in a heartbeat."

Ben ValiquettePresident - Married To Giants.
Andrea Grimes

“This was our first time conducting an engagement survey and we were extremely impressed with both the level of service and the quality of reporting that we received. The entire process was extremely smooth and we are excited to begin working with the insights that the survey uncovered.”

Andrea GrimesHR Director - VasoHealthcare
Stuart Lewis

“We have implemented employee surveys in the past but they were always time consuming and cumbersome. Simply put, Flex wowed us.They provided us with a top-notch product as well as a first-class level of service."

Stuart LewisCEO - Brandisphere Corp.
Ritchie Cheng

“Easily the best customer service that I have ever received. The Flex Survey team were very responsive and knowledgeable. I can’t thank them enough for their invaluable services."

Ritchie ChengPresident - JNR Millwork

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