Employee Engagement Survey Reporting

you don't need a background
in statistics to manage your staff,
so why should you need one
to understand their feedback?

our reporting decks were created to provide clear and
meaningful results to users regardless of their survey experience

choose from one of our all-inclusive packages below:

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey Reporting Small Business
  • basic

  • up to 50 employees
    & 1 overall report

    • exec summary for owner or
      management team to review
    • overall results – detailed stats
      by section & question
    • summary graphs and charts
      by section & question
    • verbatim qualitative to gain
      insights into quantitative results
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey Reporting Large Business
  • segment

  • unlimited employees,
    unlimited breakouts &
    banner table reporting

    • all of the components within
      the basic report
    • a banner table with detailed
      results for every breakout
    • a full set of graphs by question
      with detailed results by segment

    * segments are custom tailored for every client. breakouts can include; departments, workgroups, branches, regions, tenure, age & gender.

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey Reporting Enterprise Business
  • enterprise

  • unlimited employees,
    unlimited breakouts &
    individual manager reports

    • all of the components within
      the segment report
    • customized reporting package
      for all managers & supervisors**
    • comparison reports to find and
      analyze best practices amongst
      all reporting segments

    ** we will work with you to design a custom reporting package for every breakout segment within your company (incl. VPs & Sr mgmt).

Satisfaction Survey Report Brakouts

unlimited report breakouts..

  • breakouts are the key to understanding “who feels what”
  • enjoy the freedom to customize breakouts based on your specific needs​​​
  • some common breakouts include (but are not limited to):
  • department

  • office / branch / location

  • employee type

  • length of employment

& unlimited report segments..

  • segments represent the smallest slices of information to be reported
  • they provide the clearest insights into specific employee groups
  • some common reporting segments include (but are not limited to):
  • full time / part time / contract workers

  • admin / hr / sales / finance / operations / management

  • new york / los angeles / toronto / chicago / houston

  • 0-2 years / 2-5 years / 5-10 years / 10+ years

Satisfaction Survey Report Segments

reporting components

faster, more flexible, easier to implement, more advanced, uses the highest security protocols, ​
and has the clearest reporting suite in the market – all at an affordable price!

overall results

    • all packages include a breakdown of your company’s overall results
    • a wide variety of analytical measurements are included;
      averages, response distributions, statistical differences, trend analyses, benchmarks (internal / external)
    • the supporting graphs & tables provide a clear picture of performance across all survey topics and questions

sample overall results

Employee Satisfaction Survey Reporting
Employee Satisfaction Survey Reporting

segment results

(segment & enterprise packages)

  • detailed banner reports display the specific results for each segment and highlight any statistical differences
  • summary charts that emphasize any underlying trends between the various report segments
  • provides the insights required to uncover any internal bestpractices amongst the different breakouts

sample overall results

manager level reporting

(enterprise package only)

  • customized individual reporting for managers of all levels
  • reporting can be provided for any managers that reach the minimum sample level that you set
  • the reports will enable managers to analyze the results for their specific employee segments and empower them to develop their own action plans to present to Sr. mgmt.

more on manager reportingsample manager report

Employee Satisfaction Survey Reporting
Employee Satisfaction Survey Reporting


  • benchmarks provide context for your overall results
  • we provide custom benchmarks based on your industry, geography, FT/PT split, and size
  • by comparing and contrasting your results against a similar peer group you will be able to highlight areas of success as well as matters that require improvement

more on benchmarkingsample benchmarking analysis

yearly trend analysis

  • the single most accurate and relevant reference point for a company is it’s own past performance​​
  • we provide yearly comparisons throughout the report, for all breakout segments, to highlight any trends or statistical changes that occur over time
  • for new clients we offer the ability to import all previous results from data files or we can data entry your last survey so that it can be included within the reporting

sample trend analysis

Employee Satisfaction Survey Reporting
Employee Satisfaction Survey Reporting

NPS (net promoter score)

  • eNPS provides a single number that can accurately capture overall employee satisfaction and loyalty​​
  • with the use of a correlation analysis, companies can gain insights into the most meaningful issues throughout the survey that impact overall employee engagement
  • this analysis can be implemented by simply adding 1-2 questions
    at the beginning of an engagement survey

more on employee NPS | sample NPS analysis

qualitative feedback

  • choose between collecting qualitative feedback for every question, after low scores or at the end of a survey
  • this added level of flexibility helps provide clearer context for results when interpreting employee feedback
  • for new clients we offer the ability to import all previous results from data files or we can data entry your last survey so that it can be included within the reporting
  • verbatim responses are grouped by questions and have demographic identifiers to provide further insights (while still protecting employee anonymity)

sample qualitative report

Employee Engagement Surveys Reporting
Employee Satisfaction Survey Reporting

1-on-1 webinar review

  • it’s critical that you (and your team) have a clear understanding of the reporting that you will be reviewing to prevent any confusion or any misunderstandings with the data
  • we provide yearly comparisons throughout the report, for all breakout segments, to highlight any trends or statistical changes that occur over time
  • all packages include a review session with your dedicated research specialist to review all of the reporting that you will receive
  • this session will also serve as a great starting point to review, understand and analyze the results of the survey

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