Run an Employee Engagement Survey for Workers Without Computer Access

Employee Engagement Survey Computers

Employees without computer access can still take an employee engagement survey. Flex Surveys has options that allow all employees to participate.

You’ve done all your homework on employee engagement surveys and you know it’s something your organization needs to do. But there’s just one problem: Most employee engagement surveys today are administered via computer, and some (or perhaps most) of your workforce don’t have computer access.

Not so long ago, employee engagement surveys were distributed on paper, with responses mailed back to the survey company. It’s no surprise that these surveys are now administered mostly online. This is on trend with the way many other surveys are nowrun; even the U.S. Census has started surveying households online. However, in the workplace, not all employees have routine access to a computer terminal, especially if they are working offsite on a regular basis.

Should you abandon your plans for an employee engagement survey? Not at all. There are several ways to reach your employees and collect the valuable data you need to keep your business on track.

If your employees don’t have dedicated computers of their own—but do have individual email addresses—do they have shared access to at least one computer station? Most companies provide a computer for shared use in a break room or work room. In this case, each employee can access the employee engagement survey through the company’s email portal. Flex Surveys offers employee engagement survey access through a personal email invitation to individual workers. This allows those with shared computer access to trust the security of the survey platform—and have confidence in the privacy of their responses.

Even if your employees don’t have corporate email addresses, they can still participate. Flex Surveys also offers the capability to gather survey responses through generic links. Consider setting up a dedicated desktop, laptop, or tablet in the human resources department of your company. Invite employees to come by at their convenience to complete the survey in a private space. Or, if employees are at a work site during business hours, you can designate HR representatives to travel to them. Find a quiet space where workers can take the employee engagement survey without interruption or distraction. This approach is also helpful if employees are at several locations. Just pack up a tablet or two and head out the door.

Employee engagement surveys can even be given in environments without Internet access. Flex Surveys has the capability to deploy surveys offline. If you travel to a worksite that isn’t wired, simply pull up the offline version of your employee engagement survey and continue the survey administration process. Your employees’surveys will be securely held until you reconnect to the Internet and transmit their responses.

No matter the situation, your entire workforce can participate in an employee engagement survey. Flex Survey’s technology allows you to connect with as many employees as possible, thereby increasing the amount of valuable data you can collect.

In addition to data collection, taking the extra step to administer your survey to all employees may have other benefits. Employees will notice the efforts you’re taking to include them and will understand how important the survey—and their participation—is to you. You’ll be making employees feel valued, contributing to their increased engagement before you even receive the results of your survey.

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